Lone Oak and Clearing Storm

Posted by Don Smith (California, United States) on 21 April 2009 in Landscape & Rural.

We have had some late April showers and along with the moisture comes beautiful storm clouds. This is really a simple image brought to life by the natural color which is present and begins about 20 minutes prior to sunset as the sun's low light rays begin to spread its warm red waves across the landscape.

I love isolating elements in nature as I feel it brings attention to them that would otherwise be lost with a wider shot. This was one of hundreds of oaks along the rolling hills east of Hollister, California, but by isolating it against the vibrant green hills and the colorful sky, it brought it to the forefront.

Nature provides such a beautiful show for us twice a day, unless there are thick clouds or fog blocking the light. Perhaps what I love most about landscape photography is the chance to slow down, tune out life's stresses, and enjoy the gifts that surround me.

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Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
1/25 second
ISO 200
300 mm


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